Saturday, September 20, 2008

[title of show] & Xanadu to close

The Broadway musicals, [title of show] and Xanadu are set to close on October 12th.

Xanadu opened July 2007 and had a healthy run, with four Tony nominations. I had the pleasure of seeing the show in October 2007 (where a petite Barbara Walters sat in front of me) and laughed my arse off for 90 minutes. I remember not knowing what to expect from the show, having never seen the infamous movie, but curious about the show due to its hot pink advertisements outside the Helen Hayes Theatre (I'm not joking). I've been wanting to see it again, for the pure fact that's it's just a fun show. Kerry Butler is amazing, and I was crossing my fingers for her at the Tonys back in June. Oh, and Cheyanne Jackson, yeah, I think everyone agrees when I say, most deserving of a Tony nom.

Moving onto [tos] as it's affectionately called by its fans. I recall hearing about this show back in it's off-broadway run, having a few friends who had been smitten by it. It's opening this July generated a lot of online buzz. Unfortunately, that didn't seem to cross over into the Lyceum Theatre (where I saw Is He Dead? ...amazing!). I had been planning on seeing the show as soon as I figured out my fall schedule but times are rough, even on Broadway, and the producers posted notice of its closing next month. See me....dashing to to pick up an orchestra seat for October 2. My first and only time but I truly hope, a memorable one.

According to an article I read last week, there will be 22 new productions this Broadway season. I don't have the stats on last year's season but that seems to be quite a lot. I hope Broadway can handle our current economic crunch and audiences will still flock to see the new and old on the Great White Way. When "little musicals that could" like, [title of show] and Xanadu close, it makes me wonder if the bigger shows like, A Tale of Two Cities and the up and coming Billy Elliot, are a few factors that crush the little guys. Would [tos] still be playing if it was on the west side of Broadway and in a smaller house? Did they need more print advertising? And most importantly, will Cheyanne Jackson be in the tour of Xanadu and wear those short shorts?

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