Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Defying Inequality: The Broadway Concert, a celebrity benefit for equal rights

On Monday the 23rd, I skipped one of my afternoon classes to take a bus into NYC to attend Defying Inequality with my friend Meredith. It was rather on impulse back in January that we bought our tickets and it seemed that it took forever to get to this day.

The concert's agenda was to raise money for five organizations: Empire State Pride Agenda, Equality California, Family Equality Council, Garden State Equality, and Vermont Freedom To Marry.

Prop 8: The Musical

Walking into the Gershwin (and not seeing Wicked! haha), I was so excited to see the performances by many Broadway companies and stars. But I did not forget why this benefit was taking place - the passing of Prop 8 in California angered so many people, gay and straight - it truly was time to stand up and not allow for injustice. I was dismayed when the proposition in my home state of Arizona passed to declare the definition of marriage only being between a man and woman. I was so glad to be a part of this amazing night, donating my two cents and watching amazing performances and emotional speeches.

Some highlights: Stephanie J. Block singing a beautiful song about her wedding and her brothers wedding. Kelli O'Hara singing to her unborn child, Kerry Butler singing a song from the up coming production of Catch Me If You Can,

ensemble members dancing to Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It),

the cast of Sesame Street singing Sing A Song, Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) singing a hot song,

discovering a new talent in Matt Alber (his song was so amazing!),

Seth Rudetsky deconstructing a hilarious clip of the Brady Bunch variety show,

Bebe Neuwirth singing Mad Libs style to her signature tune of All That Jazz

and the cast of Hair bringing down the house with The Flesh Failures (Let The Sunshine In).

The cast of Spring Awakening with Original Melchior and Moritz, Jonathan Groff and John Gallagher Jr., finally telling the world of their love. haha

The night lasted a total of 4 hours! Yes, started at 8pm and ended at 11:59pm - but a great way to spend that time. I hope the proceeds from this benefit positively impact the organizations but most importantly, I hope this event sends a message to those who agree with oppressing one's rights in life that this cause is not going to back down.

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Wish I could've been there - yay for YouTube clips!