Friday, February 13, 2009


And I'm back.
With some updates.

Since I last left, I was back home in Phoenix and now I am settled back at school. The only show I have seen so far was the final performance of Spring Awakening. I wrote a few entries back about how significant this show has been on my life and that night was absolutely amazing. It was my first time seeing the new cast and they held their own - especially when they did an encore of "Totally Fucked" during the show! I think that's when i realized, "what am i going to do without this?" And started to get teary eyed. I was quite proud of my emotions up until that point - and then "Those You've Known" and that amazing drum beat - gets me every time!

The entire (mostly) alumni came back on stage and it was so lovely to see everyone. I was sitting next to a man who had seen the show over 100 times, and I'm thought - wow and people give me flack about seeing it 8 times but that's the thing - if you love something SO much, of course you're going to see it more than once - that being said, when someone says they have a favorite album, they have most likely listened to it once - so why can't I do the same about seeing shows without getting crap? Just a thought.

So - this season has been pretty dismal for the arts. Shows are closing, performing arts centers closing around the country - will my degree be useless if there are no positions open for me when I graduate? I think that's been on my mind a lot lately - the whole resume, internship, job, life has been taking it's toll. Who knows though.

As for this spring - I hope to see many shows, Billy Elliot, Hair, Guys and Dolls....!

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