Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Spring Awakening Tour

After the morning madness that was HAIR, my lovely friend Meredith and I headed to Philadelphia where we caught the Friday evening performance of the SPRING AWAKENING tour.

Since saying adios to it back in January, it was very odd to revisit this old friend. This tour is by no means terrible. It had some really really great moments, Jake Epstein went on for the first time as Melchior, and he had some really fantastic choices, especially during the scene where he writes in his diary. I had never heard a Melchior say those lines actually as if they were writing it down. It was very very good.

But unfortunately, it seemed as if this tour has turned into a comedy routine, where the Thea goes for the radical laugh more drastically, the beating scene gets a big lulz, and I could care less about what happens at the end.

So fortunately for me, I have amazing memories of the Broadway productions to occupy my thoughts. Oh also, who ever the musical director was, he was my favorite thing about the night. Just sayin'.

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