Sunday, November 9, 2008

Farragut North & Equus

I was fortunate to get a last minute student rush ticket ($10!) to Atlantic Theatre Company's Farragut North Saturday afternoon.

It was...a great show. One, that I will probably see again before it ends. The play revolved around Stephen as young and ambitious 25 year old press rep for a governor running to get the presidential nomination. Back door politics ensues along with his career and personal life. Chris Noth (yes him), plays the campaign manager(okay, so when I saw it, I thought he was the nominee, and in the play he dresses rather sloppy, and i was like wtf, why are you dressed so bad) anyway, bad stuff hits the fan, and it gets intense but the play and story never losses its focus. It had me hanging to the edge of my seat. It was so good. So good.

Evening show was Equus with several of my favorite NYC friends. Okay, so going in I knew the central premise, kid obsessed with horses, gets naked. That's all I knew.
What a weird and sick and twisted show this was. I am now terrifed of horses because actual humans played the horses with metal shaped heads and hooved feet and suddenly they were like in sync with each other and it was crazy and my mind was blown.
Dan Radcliffe was pretty good. I mean, he is Harry Potter and adorable, so it was lovely to see him change into this crazy kid. So anyway, it was crazy and I don't know how I feel about it but at least I'm feeling somethng, right?

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