Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hello Wicked World!

I'm back, almost home and yet still in class?
I bring bad news, so many shows on Broadway are closing, it makes my head hurt.
Some are calling this the worst season ever.
Well, it's sad so many shows are closing, it seems there is never a shortage of new productions on the Great White Way.
The latest show to post it's notice is "Mel Brook's Young Frankenstein".
While this show has had a healthy run of over a year, it never was the critically or financial darling of it's prettier sister, "The Producers". A great article was posted this morning on NYTimes about how many people were turned off by the production because of it's rocket high premium prices and almost arrogance surrounding the show. The producers decided not to post it's weekly grosses, while all shows do. They also shortchanged the cap of how many group sales they sold which is a dagger in any production because so many survive of these group profits.
I am one of the many people who did not see this production, despite the stellar talents of Roger Bart and Sutton Foster.

Speaking of Sutton Foster, she is Fiona in the new production of Shrek the Musical. Oh yes, it is now a musical. It's still in previews but there are many reports of so-so reviews. If the tourists have their way, it's sure to last on Broadway for some time.

What else is going on in the Broaway world. Hairspray is closing in January (with the original Tracy and Edna) and Spamalot is closing in January as well.

What are things to look forward to in the spring to off-set this major bummer season? Revivals include Guys and Dolls, Hair, Waiting for Godot, and the funny Will Farrell in You're Welcome America. A Final Night with George W Bush.

I wish you all a great Thanksgiving, and come see a Broadway show - or i'll be sad.


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