Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's November already?

Holy cow, people.
How is it already November 9th? Almost an hour away from double digits.
And so close to thanksgiving (which means home to my dog!)

I've been slacking in my updates because...I am a slacker. so here we go my precious readers(I know you're out there beautifuls).

October was a busy theatre month for me.
I was fortunate to see [title of show], Gypsy, Speed-The Plow- and In The Heights all in one weekend! And with my mom and bff no less.

Let's start with ............. a little [tos]
Oh dear [tos], i love you.
please come in my pocket and stay forever.
Sadly, as reported earlier, [title of show] ran it's course but let me just say, i adored this production.
Having only heard the cast recording (i almost wrote soundtrack, uhoh, im slacking), i knew the general concept but sitting in the second row was pretty amazing.
Hunter and Jeff were fantastic and hilarious and endearing. The girls, Heidi and Susan were perfect in their "me" roles. I adored Secondary Characters and What Kind of Girl Is She, and A Way Back to Then. I felt like the first half really really flowed well and the second part, I was left...waiting, if that makes sense. It got kinda heavy toward the end, which I wasn't expecting but I understand as necessary for the journey.
Anyway, I loved it, I left the theatre smiling (partly because my Amtrak was an hour late and I wasn't sure if I was going to make it on time and the other half because I was 10 minutes away from seeing my Mom).

The next night I saw Gypsy. This was my first time seeing the show and I loved it. But Holy Mother of Jones, it was long. I guess that's how it was done back in the day - 3 hour production. Patti Lupone is god, basically. I was fortunate to see her in Sweeney Todd with my other Broadway husband, Michael Cerveris, and adored her. This production was all about her - and the goddess that is Lauren Benanti. I would love to grow up in vaudeville and then become a stripper! Life long dreams people.

Next night, was kind of a toss up. I ended up seeing the Mamet revival of Speed the Plow, last minute. I adore Raul Esparza, as stated in an earlier blog entry. I half expected him to belt out Being Alive, because the show was in the Barrymore, same as the revival of Company. Jeremy Piven can go either way for me. Love him in Serendpity and yes, Chasing Liberty but kind of don't care for him otherwise. I know, not being a very objective reviewer but hey. Elisabeth Moss was cute.
That is my review of Speed the Plow. Enjoy.

Next night was IN THE HEIGHTS. It needed to be capitalized because this show = my life. Except I don't rap and don't go around dancing and proclaiming my latin-ness. Although, I think I should.
Anyway, this was my 3rd time seeing ITH and my mom's 2nd! Two times - watch out!
This was definitely a favorite of mine because our seats were pretty amazing and it was fantastic to see Karen on again (she was out last time), and of course my girl crush Mandy Gonzalez. Oh and Lin, because well, he's like....awesome.
Mom said she loved it much more this time around and my friend, Elisia, loved it too! I love this show for several reasons but one is that it still makes me cry. Breathe, is the song that struck a cord with me back in March when I saw it in previews (cue me crying in the last row, rear mezz without a tissue). Everything about this show I love. Even the awful parent songs (yeah i said it).
I love in the heights! i love the little mexican flag being waved during Carnival del Barrio.
I love home, i like the climax of home, i love the ending of home. I love in the heights!

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