Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lorelei Gilmore, In A Musical!

Lauren Graham, most known for her role as Lorelei Gilmore on the WB's Gilmore Girls will be in the upcoming Guys and Dolls revival. She will play Adelaide opposite Oliver Platt.

The revival will be housed at the Nederlander theatre (the recent home of Rent) on 41st street. The production will open in March with previews starting in February.

Before this casting news, I had no real interest in this production. I mean, Ewan Mcgregor won't be in it (he was in a previous carnation on the West End). I have heard rumors of Cheyanne Jackson joining but that is still up in the air.

As hard as it will be for me to enter the Neder again and not see how it once was when Rent was in house, I think I may have to catch a performance, just to see if Lorelei can be a star on Broadway.

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