Saturday, October 25, 2008

Arts Administrator

While looking at several career paths during my years at community college, I found Arts Administration. These hard working men and women are the people behind the scenes at all arts organizations.

I signed up for a "emerging leaders" mailing for arts presenters and I was passed along this cute song.

The song is for arts administrators, it's their anthem.

Check it out.


Who's that man with the plan for building an audience for the actors?
Who's that gal making pals with those big symphony benefactors?
Sometimes you might see 'em
Strolling around some well-endowed museum.
You'll know sooner or later,
It's an Arts Administrator.

Take any art that cannot support itself on earned income.
They'll bring the smarts and the heart to help you put on the show and then some.
'Cause you know it ain't easy
Running a 501c3.
Still it's sweeping the nation,
It's Arts Administration.

I've seen 'em balance a budget
With a bake sale benefit.
Between the divas and the details
Any average mortal would quit.

Juggling that governing board
Buying things they can't afford
Driving in an old Accord
('Cause they can't buy a new one).
Getting all their goods in-kind
Starting with the end in mind
They're the best when in a bind.

Even if the muses infused your every breath,
Without their kind you might find
That you're an artist who's starved to death.
You'll need one sooner or later,
It's an Arts Administrator

Friend of every creator,
It's an Arts Administrator.

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