Friday, October 17, 2008

Once...the Musical?

Once became popular over the past year thanks to the tune, "Falling Slowly" written by Marketa Iraglova and Glen Hansard who starred in the movie released in May of 2007.

This movie, is a personal favorite of mine. I can remember watching the trailer in the spring of 2007, and hitting my friend sitting next to me how excited I was.

The movie didn't disappoint. I went to see it several times and bought my DVD the morning of its release.

The passion behind this movie is centered with "guy" and "girl" played by Glen and Marketa. The way it was shot, in a documentary style and with the glorious score, this movie has gone on to affect everyone who stumbles upon it.

The producer of the upcoming Broadway show states:

"In a landscape where the American musical must evolve, Once provides a wonderful, unique opportunity," said producer John Hart in a statement. "Those of us who fell in love with it and its score at the movie theater came out singing, and will do so again when it finds its way to the stage."

Is this a good idea?

Is this a bad idea?

Some people are speaking of this movie as if it was a sacred movie/music that can not be touched. If Glen and Marketa give their blessing and their rights, will that give the ardent fans a reason to be joyous?

How do I feel?

My jaw dropped to the floor when I read the headline. It makes sense that a producer would want to try to put this show on the stage. But doesn't the real reason why this movie works because of the people involved the story surrounding around it? Who will replace Glen and Marketa, will they be good enough, will audiences care? But will this expose their music to a greater audience?

Will they ruin the stage show just as they ruined the DVD cover art? They have "guy" and "girl" holding hands on the DVD, which never happened within the movie and dismisses the whole point of their relationship, musical and romantic.

I have heard that Spring Awakening director Michael Mayer declined to stage the workshop, so it will be interesting how this all comes along.

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