Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Orphans' Home Cycle Part 2: The Story of a Marriage

Horace finally gets some love!

I was able to see Part 2 of Hartford Stage's World Premiere Theatrical Event The Orphan's Home Cycle last week with my friend Jared Weber. After the development of Horace's life in Part 1, I was more than ready to see Horace Robedaux, the central character who we see grow from a young boy into an adult, have something go his way. Part 2, The Story of a Marriage, shows Horace forming an attachment with a widowed mother of two but as Horace's luck would have it, his love is not reciprocated.

Then he meets Elizabeth. And finally, something goes his way. Sort of. Her father disapproves of the match but the young couple move out on their own. The struggle for Horace is not only to find approval from Elizabeth's dad but to be able to show support for his young bride and their child-to-be. Act 3 brings a pivotal scene in which Horace tells Elizabeth how he has always felt like an orphan his whole life and finally, with her, he finally feels a part of a family. Bill Heck, portrays Horace with an urgency to portray this brokenhearted character but with an ease that is so overwhelming, you can't help but only hope for the best.

What I love most about this production, beside the story and acting, is the music that walks hand in hand with the play. Each act opens with the glorious original music by John Gromada, that creates a real environment, as if we stepped right off the train into the heart of these characters.

Here's an excerpt I found online of a music session from the play. Enjoy.

I look forward to see the last Part of this event. Oh Horace, I only wish you the best.

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