Monday, June 22, 2009

June 20 matinee - Mary Stuart

it's even raining in the theatre...

New York City has been struck with a recent downpour of rain as of late. I think I heard on the news this morning it's been something like 18 out of 22 days we've had rain. Well 8 times a week it rains inside the Broadhurst Theatre where Mary Stuart is performing.

The play centers around two queens, Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland, and Queen Elizabeth of England. Now I'm not the biggest history buff so I was exuberantly thankful for the small historical background in the Playbill and even more in-depth on the play's website.

Deciding to take up a discount offer, the play lasted almost three hours of non stop drama. Both queens Harriet Walter and Janet McTeer were the two driving forces of the storyline pushing and twisting until the very end. Oh yeah and there's lots of rain, which makes for events look even more dramatic. I adored the fact that Janet was in one of my favorite movies Sense & Sensibility, so to see her on stage, was a thrill. Harriet was also, let's say, amazingly fierce.

So, let me tell you about the guy who decided to snore in the second to last row in the mezzanine. It was so loud I thought for sure someone from the house management would approach but thankfully after awhile it stopped. I know the play was rather straightforwarded and lack for better word, dry but all out snoring? Crazy talk!

Also, I loved the direction of the play. The actual spacing of the characters and how it looked from up above was pretty fantastic.

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