Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tony Award Post

So it already seems like a million years ago but I have to document it on here.

Yes I am in NYC for the summer, so that means I should be doing ultra cool stuff like going to museums, seeing a ton of shows, going to the Tonys....and not falling asleep at 9:30pm on a Wednesday night? Ok, wrong....but things are looking up!

Sunday night, I desperately did not want to watch the awards (aka Christmas) here in my (lovely) apartment. I wanted some sort of excitement around me, after all I was in the city that it was happenning. And because I am not a billionaire (or dating one) and do not have those connections I could not attend the event. But I did leisurely stroll by Radio City (which is always a mistake because Anthropologie is right by). The crowd was building across the street and the excitement was in the air to see NYC's Broadway stars - and I was excited because I was able to be a part of an audience to view the awards.

Not quite my time yet to see the awards handed out live, I did get to become a community with others right in the middle of Times Square for the first ever live broadcast of the creative and prime time awards! I was surprised that this was the first year they had ever been broadcast this way since, midtown is the heart of Broadway. I was surprised to find actual organization in this event, where they had set up nice (one step up from the lawn chairs now strewn across Broadway street) folding chairs. They had several speakers set up, which broadcast loud and clear, on the big CNN screen facing east, for all of Times Square to view.

It was such a beautiful night out, I really couldn't have asked for a better situation.

Well, I guess I would have changed some of the winners around but I can't be a chooser (not a Tony voter yet -- lucky Colleen Jennings-Roggensack , executive director of ASU's Gammage is Arizona's only Tony voter -- but that will change in time). I am happy with the production as a whole for this broadcast. I think Neil Patrick Harris did a great job as host and was estatic by the crackhouse that was the opening number.

Christmas '09 has come and gone but that only means a new season is starting on Broadway. I'm trying to see as many shows as possible (and re-seeing some favorites along the way), and I'm also trying to vary the types of art I see. So cheers to a great summer.

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